Slide I MARKETING DO A great Marketer provides sense through visual and written language to your value proposition.
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As marketer,

I understand each project as a practice of differentiation by learning my target’s needs and placing an offer at the right moment in the right way, besides I love all the sales management and I consider myself an innate negotiator that creates value in sales and in marketing, always striving to give each business relationship the best in terms of ROI.

¡But do not forget communication! Since we build offers I consider design ( de: to give Sign: sense ) the fundamentals of each project since every purpose of a project must be coded on signs presents in products, ads, promotional pieces and so on so on.

besides I love all the sales management and I consider myself an innate negotiator that creates value in sales and in marketing, always striving to give each business relationship the best management in terms of ROI for the Company.


Don’t be a great product without the right communication, scale your success by delivering the right message and you will see that some intangible assets of your company can be the more valuables ones for success.


A product is the fundamentals of your company, let’s build it on stones creating or modifying your offer to adding value to your market and make your grow process easy.


Is your distribution profitable? have you chosen he right channels? have you thought how can you be more competitive and accessible to your audience? do you know where is the buyer of your product? do you take seriously social networks and internet? if so have you build a consistent and successful digital model?


A price strategy can be crucial and is a great influencer of value over your customers, this can be dynamic or static, can create dynamics of inventory rotation and change buying behaviors and is such an important fact on your customer’s buying choices.

Experience delivering!!

Every success story is a story of change!!

I deliver change in a company through processes and experience, we all together build goals based on what we have and what we want, then we as a GROUP creates a path with a final ROI projections and the proper contingency to ensure the success.

Is your business a B2B or a B2C company? let me tell you how I have drive successful change in other companies and how can we deliver successful change for your company.

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There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.

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Charly Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz

MSc. Marketing and sales management

I can’t believe is almost ten years since I start working building digital products in a software development company, I learned so much about the new channels and I saw from first hand, since that moment how they came to change our world, however, the road took me fast to a new industry and I started working on marketing and advertising with agencies, also as an independent consultant and as marketing manager for some other companies, all this journey has been very tied to success stories using what a few years ago was considered new channels but also integrating and using the old ones.

I am a Millenial, I have been raised by the new education, I am a problem solver and this is why I can tell you that I don’t know everything, but I know where can I find it so fast and the most important thing! I have the experience to make it work!

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